Friday, May 30, 2014


A few months ago we got into a really tight spot financially and I kind of panicked and wondered what to do. I decided to start couponing. I had heard about it from many people and had seen blogs and was always amazed at how much people saved but I had no idea where to even begin. I started to do a little research and watched some youtube videos and I was actually following The Krazy Coupon Lady and Freebies2Deals on facebook. I don't even remember "liking" them on facebook but I went to their website and started to read up on everything. I immediately loved the Krazy Coupon Lady 's website. They had it all laid out how to start, tips, and it was super super simple. They have a bunch of youtube videos explaining how to coupon at all the different stores. Each week they make their shopping list of all the best deals. They tell you what store to go to.. which items to get... and what coupons to use with links to the coupons to print out. How simple is that? Super easy. After watching a bunch of their videos and reading their section for beginners I decided to try it out for one day to see if it actually worked and to see how easy it was. So I saw that they had a deal at Target for Garnier shampoo or Conditioner for .49 cents and Colgate toothpaste for .49 cents. I printed off my coupons and headed to target in hopes of spending 1 dollar. The hardest part was deciding which shampoo to get. I headed up to the counter expecting the worst and it not working but it did. I was super excited. The cost were both were $2.49 each so $5 total and I spent $1. And that is when I got addicted.
I went home and printed off some more to try out and went to CVS and became even more addicted. They have a thing called extrabucks with different items every week that you get if you buy that certain item. For example it could say buy 2 get 5 extra bucks.. 5 extra bucks is pretty much like a gift card to use on your next purchase to get whatever you want that is 5 dollars. um yes i love that.  so anyways i bought a bunch of stuff and saved 60% which was not bad for my first time at CVS. the krazy coupon ladies recommend starting at one store until you get the hang of it and then go to stores like CVS and Walgreens because they are a little trickier. My absolute favorite place to coupon at is target. I used to think target was so expensive but I have saved SO MUCH Money and gotten so many things for absolute free.
I've been couponing for about 3 months and have stocked up quite a bit. I go to target, cvs, and walgreens once a week. I don't like walgreens as much so some weeks I don't go at all.
I used a lot of their tips and started a coupon binder, I now get the sunday paper to get a bunch of coupons and I love it. I spend about 1-2 hours a week cutting, printing coupons, and getting my list and everything together. They had made it so easy and simple that it doesn't take much time at all. Here is my stock pile!
Most of this makeup is Almay or Revlon makeup.. I usually buy the cheapest stuff at walmart so it has been so fun to try new make up.. I love the Almay mascara and lipgloss. I love the Revlon primer and eyeliner. This is probably $150 worth of makeup and I spent probably around $30?

Laundry! 15 things of laundry detergent. I am stocked for a while. :) those tides ones are usually $5.99 but I spent $1.99 each. Those purex are usually $5.99 but they were on sale buy 1 get 2 free. You can also use coupons on free items so i was able to use 3 coupons when i was only buying one so those were .99 cents each :)

Toothpaste and mouthwash.. I have 9 things of mouthwash and  16 tubes of toothpaste. i've gotten 6 toothbrushes, 4 kids toothpastes. I never spend more than .50 cents on toothbrush or more than 1 for mouthwash. a lot of those are free :) 

14 things of deoderant, 4 botles of lotion, 3 shaving creams, 4 bottles of detangling spray, 3 bottles of dove dry shampoo, i have bought 4 things of sunscreen for the summer and after sun care, 12 bottles of body wash :) 

this is my favorite! 18 shampoo/conditioner, tampons, 6 things of eye makeup remover pads, 3 bottles of neutrogena eye makeup remover, venus, bic, and schick razors. the razors alone are worth over 80 bucks. there is also aveeno scrub, lotion, and face wash that is not shown.

I also am not showing diapers, wipes, toilet paper, paper towels, dish soap, dish detergent, cleaning supplies, and all the candy I got for easter or anything that we are currently using. This is all stock :)

I added up my receipts that I have kept to see how much I had spent. It came to about $385 which is a lot of money.. over the course of 3 months. however, i added up how much the original cost was for everything and it was over $1000!!!
Not too bad :)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My fitness journey this far!

I am finally getting back into the groove with working out. I have a problem with doing really well and then getting lazy and having a hard time getting started again but I am determined and focused this time around! I'm going to talk about numbers, food, exercise, and what did/did not work for me.
To tell a little bit about my journey we need to go back 5 years BEFORE I got pregnant with Brooklyn.
I was 130 pounds.. a little under weight so when I got pregnant my doctor told me I needed to gain 40 pounds.. i just laughed.. well 9 months later I had gained exactly 40 pounds. Now I was used to eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. In high school I NEVER had a problem gaining anything. I ate so crappy.. before a volleyball game I could go to Wendy's and eat fries, chicken nuggets, hamburger, and a soda and it wouldn't effect me at all..I thought that my body would bounce back after having a kid.. and it did not. I worked out at golds gym in Utah and wasn't really committed that much.. I would run a mile for a warm up and then go to body pump or do some days of just cardio (which consisted of walking on the treadmill while watching friends.. and laughing so that counts as abs too..) I got down to 140 and then got pregnant with Avrey. I gained about 28 pounds with her. I had her, wanted to start working out again but had so so so many problems with nursing. I couldn't keep my milk supply up at all so I did EVERYThing I could to keep nursing. So I didn't work out, I ate more, and drank like 2 gallons of water a day . Well usually people loose weight when nursing. I was one of the lucky ones that did not. I gained weight. I was so worried about not being able to feed my baby so I kept on eating and drinking to hopefully help.. Which it did. but i was eating all the wrong foods. I was eating ego waffles with nutella for breakfast like every morning.
So long story short I was only able to nurse until she was 6 months old which is when we moved here to Missouri so when we got here one of the first things I wanted to do was get a gym pass.
I was about 170 pounds when I started.. MORE than when i was 9 months pregnant. YIKEs. I cant believe i'm writing this. My goal was to get down to 150.. 20 pounds. It seemed like so much and I honestly did not think that I had that much to loose. I had no idea. I knew i needed to lose weight but for some reason 20 seemed like so much.
I did a lot of cardio to start out.. 1 mile at a 10 minute pace (remember I hadn't worked out in like 2 years.) I did lots of stair master for the first 6 months. I lost 10 pounds pretty quick just by doing cardio.It does take about 3 months to start feeling/seeing a difference. I then started to do some body pump classes but for some reason it wasn't the same. I started doing my own thing which was mostly cardio.. I had some things from pinterest and work outs with intervals that I used (if you want any let me know and I can send you my favorites from when I was just starting out)
I started getting faster, and i'd go longer distances. I would mix it up and do 10 min. run, and then 10 minute stair master and switch a couple times. I don't like the bikes of ellipticals.. so i never do those. I got down to 150 and i remember thinking.. yeah I need to lose at least 5 more. Occassionally I would work out with my awesome friend Brittney and I would ask her how much I needed to lose to look good and she was honest and i loved it. She would say 17 pounds.. 10 pounds.. 7 pounds.. And so those were my goals. I started doing more weights and trying new things out on my own and I started to feel stronger. I ran a 5 k in 28 minutes which was really exciting.  The thing that was hard for me was that I would get stuck on a number for MONTHs. i was stuck at 154 for the longest time and then 150 for a long time and then I was stuck at 146 for a while, and then 142 and so it was really frustrating at time.
The thing I was NOT doing right this entire time was my eating. I was still eating pizza, french fries, pasta, brownies... everything. I just wasn't eating as much. I'd have 2 slices of pizza instead of 4. So yeah I lost a lot of weight but it took me a really really long time.. Over a year. If I would've been more strict and stronger mentally than I would've seen results a lot faster. I got into a problem where I would get stuck mentally and I would just maintain what I had been doing and not push myself further. I was just doing this stuff on my own at the gym and so I would quit early or go sit in the sauna instead of pushing myself for 1 more minute. I got down to 140 pounds. my goal was between 135-140 (really wanting to be under the 140 mark) I'm also 5'8 so that kind of gives you a little comparison.
Our gym opened a new location and so a few weeks ago I started going there and have started taking classes again. Body pump, CX works, and my new absolute favorite is TABATA. i've gone twice and literally lost a pound just doing that. Just this last week I pushed myself to eat healthier and guess what I lost 2 pounds in one week just by eating healthier.  One thing I have learned during this past year is that breakfast is so so so important. I used to think "oh if i don't eat breakfast and go to the gym and burn 300 calories then eat a light lunch and dinner i'll be good" WRONG. i wasn't able to workout hard  because my body was weak. I would get tired and light headed so easily and then I would be hungry so i'd go stuff my face with food.
I have the hardest time with self control and food. If it is there I will eat it. I also am terrible every night between the hours of 5-10.. I do really well during the day and then dinner hits and i'm cooking and everything is smelling amazing so I start snacking, and then I eat 2 plates of dinner, and then the kids go to bed and then i have sweets, or chips and salsa. chips and salsa are my weakness. I literally ate it every day. but that needed to change! if i wanted a change in my body i needed a change in my diet. You get to a point where you have to make more sacrifices to get what you want.
So lately I have been eating a good breakfast, going to the gym for about 1 hour, coming home and having a protein shake, eating lunch, then having some sort of snack before dinner, and then dinner. and thats all! I'm having such a hard time with not eating anything after dinner. But just this last week like I said it made a huge difference and the pounds just come off. I try not to eat anything after 640-7 except water.
A lot of people don't know what to eat and like I said I am the worst example about eating.. but these are my favorites.
Breakfast: i love grapefruit, banana and peanut butter, carrot orange juice, cream of wheat, or eggs with salsa and avocado.
Lunch: salad or my new favorite is just to take a chicken breast and put it in a pan with a little coconut oil and put some sort of seasoning on it (chicken seasoning or chipotle are my favorite) and i eat steamed veggies on the side. I love carrots and Broccoli with butter and salt and pepper of course.
Snacks: I like apples and peanut butter, banana and peanut butter, smart popcorn, yogurt and granola, edamame, almond pop, any fruit like grapes,  and cashews.
Dinner: I'm still not that great at eating good dinners. If it is healthy then I usually eat how ever much i want but if its not so healthy than I try to just eat smaller portions. I always have a vegetable every dinner though no matter what.
This last week i've been trying really hard to not eat sugar and flour. I'm not eating bread either. I was curious to see if I was strict for 1 week if it would make a difference. 1 week. So I did. and guess what. BIG Difference. I'd say at this point it is 90% mental. All day long I am constantly trying to eat better, healthier, and smaller portions.
These pictures are really bad and I still have a long ways to go. I'm wanting to stay the same weight but lose about 5 pounds of fat and gain 5-7 pounds of muscle.
It's important to lose weight the right way. I didn't lose it fast, I didn't use any sort of pills or anything. Just me. That way I know the weight will stay off. I can totally feel a difference now when I eat any sort of fast food. I still do on occasion but it makes me feel so gross. It's important that you eat! do not starve yourself. Do not skip breakfast. I really wish I would've figured that out earlier and that i would've tried harder to not eat anything late at night. So learn from my mistakes and you will look better than i do and faster than I did it.
I use myfitness pal app on my phone to log my exercises and food intake. I eat about 1500 calories a day and that is perfect for me. If you have questions about exercises let me know.. Also I would appreciate tips! I'm still clueless and am trying to figure all this out. I'm wanting to gain more muscle because that is not working out too well with me so let me know!

Friday, February 7, 2014


I have been wanting to put Brooklyn into a gymnastics class for 2 years.  They are so expensive though. Well we have been so sick of being inside all day during the freezing weather here that I got sick of it and started calling around to different places and most of them said she could come try out a free class to see how she did so we went today!
Brooklyn is obsessed with gymnastics..When the summer olympics were on her eyes were glued to the tv.. I have lots of home videos from when my sister amy and i did gymnastics when we were little and brooklyn LOVES watching them. She is constantly twirling and flipping and trying to do handstands and cartwheels in our living room that I knew she would absolutely love it and would be really good at it. Most moms put little girls into dance class or ballet and stuff but I know that Brooklyn would be so bored and would hate it. This girl has muscles and needs to be moving and tumbling and stuff. So today  I was so excited to watch her and see how she did in a class setting with a coach and other kids. I was hoping that she wouldn't just run around crazy wanting to try everything. She did amazing. Perfect really. She listened and responded to the coach. She loved him. She waited her turn. She kept giving me the thumbs up after she tried new things and was trying to act very mature the entire time.
They started on this big trampoline and just jumped for about 7 minutes to warm up . They did straddle jumps, pike jumps, knee jumps, and a few other ones. The guy coach was great and made them laugh and have so much fun. I think he was quite impressed with Brooklyn beceause she caught onto everyone super fast or already knew what to do and she did it really well. Some of the kids were just not really into it but this was serious to her ha and you could tell. After they jumped they stretched for a little and then did floor stuff. They set up an obstacle course and had to do cartweels. straddle jumps onto a mat, forward rolls, and backbend kick overs with the coach.
After the floor exercises she went to the Beam with a different coach where they had another course to do. They had to do bear crawls and then use the bar to try to do a small handstand. then she was taught how to mount the beam and stand up onto it correctly and walk on .. Then on the 2nd high beam the coach helped her mount it again and then do some poses. They she stood up and did toe/knee touches and then properly dismounted. Some of the kids needed help walking across but Brooklyn did everyone entirely by herself. After beam them went to bars. She was back with the guy coach and he helped the kids do pull-overs and then had them try to hold themselves up on the bars. a couple of the kids couldn't do it but brooklyn did and then he would make sure her arms and legs were perfect and straight and then she went to another bar that was by the wall with a mat.. she was supposed to use the mat to climb up with her feet and get used to her having her feet above her head.. well she decided to just do the pullover by herself and go another step.. so she started doing those by herself. I was really impressed with how natural it was to her. She loved loved loved it. She said her favorite part was the whole thing.

Friday, January 10, 2014

my favorites

I absolutely love when people share awesome things with me. I love when I hear of great deals, good recipes, new stores, online fun stuff and all of that.  So! here are some of my favorites.. Most of you probably already know most of these but maybe you will find some new ones to love.

My favorite Dating/Marriage site;
The Dating Divas-  This website is amazing! A group of ladies have put together some of the best ideas for date and how to strengthen your marriage. They have cheap dates, at home dates, anniversary ideas, how to spice things up in your marriage, themed dates, cute ideas to show each other that you love them and the list goes on and on and on. They are so fun. They come with printables and plan the dates for every weekend. I follow them on facebook and get emails from them. If you aren't following them then go now! You could spend hours just looking through all of the stuff they have.

Favorite place to watch shows: (besides netflix) We don't have a tv so I watch a lot of shows on this website. It's free, you don't have to download and they put the episodes up that night or the next morning.

Favorite online shops for super super cheap-
These get new things every day that are super super cheap like 80% off retail. They ship fast and all the stuff i've ever bought have been really nice!

Favorite online deals for local places: groupon and I use both of these. Groupon a lot!! I buy christmas presents, anniversary nights out and a lot more from groupon. It's awesome! If you don't use groupon you should. They always have really good restaurant deals, fun activities like bowling and ice skating, hotel deals, getaway deals, and gifts for cheap. They are awesome and i've tried a lot of stuff that I never would've without it. So awesome.

Favorite freebies/coupons.. I follow and LOVE it. I get emails with lists of major things on sale, stores that are having sales, and lists of the best coupons for stores and how to get things for free at grocery stores. Go subscribe to the emails!

Favorite church website:  I Love this website and use it for almost e very single lesson that I prepare. I used it when I was in Primary and now that i'm in Young Womens. They have literally planned every lesson for you with tons of ideas, printables, handouts, etc...

Favorite party printable websites: parties by amanda. and just found this one today thanks to my awesome cousin Karlene! I've done both girls birthday parties from the parties by amanda.. she also does free printables on holidays and back to school activities. They are so cute and super easy.

Favorite Cooking blogs: AMAZING.

Favorite boutiques for clothes: and they both do daily deals and really great sales on super cute clothes! I love them

I also love,, and Nomorerack for discounted everything.

I know there are more but I really can't think of them right now... What are your favorites? I NEED to know! seriously though... help a girl out. :) Hopefully if you haven't heard of some of these they might become your favorite too!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

potty training, christmas, new years, updates galore

I need to step it up with this blog. I have been slacking! We have had a lot going on these past few months that have kept us busy busy busy. After Disneyland and Utah we came home and I decided to start potty training Avrey. She is 22 months and she was going quite often when I just put her on the toilet when we were at friends houses, or at disneyland, at stores, etc so I thought it would be easy at home. I use the Potty Training in 3 days method. It worked great for Brooklyn and she was 22 months and so I thought why not give it a try. The second I put Avrey in panties she panicked, she did not like them and did not like going potty at home for some reason.. if we were out and about at church or anything she went every time.. but our house it was not happening. she had a bunch of accidents and I was immediately discouraged. Brooklyn when she would start to go, she would freeze up and realize she was going in her panties and stop until i put her on the toilet.. avrey just kept going and couldn't hold it in. So we had many accidents the first two days but i was determined not to give up.. when you give up with potty training you have to completely start over. I knew she was smart, she knew what to do, she knew how to do it,  I just needed to keep with it and be positive. I made a sticker chart, got the gumball thing out and we kept going. on the 4th day she finally decided to go in the toilet and she didn't have any accidents... until poop.. why is pooping so hard?!?! so much poop in panties. so gross. but one thursday while brooklyn was at school i was trying to get her to take a nap and she was screaming and crying like i have never seen her do.. she was freaking out screaming potty potty . i'd put her on the potty and she would tense up and cry and scream and I had no idea what was going on. She kept saying poo poo but wouldn't go. After 2 hours of putting her on and off of the potty and trying to encourage her but having no luck I put her in her room and shut the door.. 2 minutes later she pooped in her panties.. and then i laid her down but she kept freaking out.. 5 minutes later.. again .. This is when i wanted to give up. i was exhausted. but kept staying positive. she took a nap, woke up dry and we continued when she woke up. Now she was completely potty trained during the day with going number 1- we just needed to work on the poop. Well, we went to arizona for Christmas. She did OK. we kept her in pull ups the whole time because she kept having accidents, i dont know if she was distracted or too busy with so much going on but she was not as consistent as she was at home. Then she got pneumonia and croup while we were there and she did not go once in the potty for 3 days. I wanted to give up then but knew she could bounce back. She did pretty good. She does better when we are out and about. We are now home and she's in panties so we will see.. i'm hoping she can catch on to the whole pooping thing soon. I'm on top of it at home so i'm crossing my fingers that in a few days she will be good. She is hilarious though. Her favorite part about going potty is flushing the toilet and washing her hands. She goes and says "wash hands? flush potty?" and then she runs out and tells daddy or whoever is around, "i poo poo in potty! and wash hands!" she loves telling everyone. she is so cute. She went 4 times on the plane, 2 times at the airport and things its awesome. I still put her in diapers at night because I think day and night are completely different so we will see. I'm hoping she keeps it up.
Avrey is hilarious. She is talking so much. Full on sentences and it is great to be able to understand her. She can count to 10, sing twinkle twinkle, I am a child of god, 5 little monkeys, royals, snow flake snow flake, i love you,  daniel tiger's neighborhood theme song, and a few more that I can't think of right now. the only shows she really likes are lilo and stich, and daniel tigers neighborhood... she watches it every single day. her favorites phrases are "i kissed it better" " luh you mommy. I wan daddy. no, stop it! that tickles! I like this song!!! I wanna watch tiger. wheres ooklyn? lets go buh bye. i dont like it, its yucky.
She is a picky eater, a terrible sleeper, but is so fun and happy. she loves brooklyn so much and they have the sweetest relationship. she loves playing with baby dolls. Ammon is her favorite by far.. if there is an option between me and ammon she picks him almost every single time. But when he's gone she won't leave my side. She is kind of rough.. She has had issues with pinching, and biting, and pushing at the gym.. we are working on it... its so frustrating. any tips? we've tried everything. time out doesnt work.. pinching back made it a million times worse, and she keeps doing it... i love her though. she is so smart. she tries saying the ABC's. last night during dinner randomly she said all by herself, "Henly Fader, thank you for the wata and thank you for home... she then saw me beaming at her and got shy and stopped.. but she loves to say the prayer and to repeat scriptures. she loves to read books and sing songs every night before bed. She has had a rough go with health stuff. She is allergic to milk, dogs, eggs, and sesame. She has asthma and has to do breathing treatments quite often. She is a trooper though and i love her to death.

Like I said we went to Arizona for Christmas. Ammons brother got us tickets to surprise Ammon's parents. It was awesome and great. His sisters all knew about it but the parents didn't. I was worried because when we were at the airplane and then in the car to go to the house ammon's dad kept on calling so I was worried they knew what was going on. Tara dropped us off down the street and she went into the house and we rang the door bell and said MERRY CHRISTMAS. it was so fun. We hadn't seen them since Last August so it had been a year and a half. I decided that traveling for christmas is terrible... packing all the christmas presents was not fun and we had to simplify and make sure everything was pretty small but we did it and had a wondeful christmas and vacation. We were all sick for over a week but it was warm and we had a lot of fun. and played a lot of ticket to ride :) 
Ammon's sister Samantha is going on a mission in Feb and we were able to attend the Mesa Arizona temple and be there for when she went through for her Endowments. I love seeing people go through for the first time. It is so fun and exciting and takes me back to when I went through. I love going to the temple. I am so bad at going and get caught up in life and making excuses to not go; but every time I do go I always ask myself why it has been so long since last time. So this year I will go every month.. no excuses. Also, I love love love the new video :)
Ammon turned 30!!!! he's freaking ancient.. so weird to say he's 30.. he was super sick his birthday so we did absolutely nothing. poor guy. but we did get to go to cheesecake factory and on a date so that is good. 
I think thats enough updates for now. It was fun to go and visit but its good to be home. I slept so much better in my bed and its good to have my own space and hopefully get back into routine. its been since before thanksgiving that i've worked out and I am desperate to get back to the gym. However i was so sick for a month and I bruised a bunch of muscles in between my ribs and they are still super sore. So we will see how that works. 

Monday, December 9, 2013


My mom called me a couple months ago and said that we needed to do a girls trip to Disneyland! Last Christmas when we went home our flight was delayed and so they gave my mom like $400 in plane vouchers so she wanted us to come home for Thanksgiving and why not go to disneyland?!? it was perfect. No one was pregnant, Avrey was still free, Brooklyn was at the perfect age to go, my sisters had work/school off and so we knew we had to take that opportunity. The plan was that my mom and sisters were going to drive to LA, i was to fly from St Louis to LA on Saturday.. Sunday we went to the beach and lounged around and then Disneyland/Cali Adventures Monday, Tuesday, and half of Wed. I flew to Salt Lake Wed night with Avrey since she was free and everyone else drove in my mom's car home.. Then we stayed for a week in utah for thanksgiving :) it was perfect and so amazing. I wish Ammon could have come but he will next time :)
Saturday came to fly and I was so extremely nervous.. Last time i flew by myself with the kids alone it was pretty rough.. Avrey was older now but she was also more stubborn and mobile than she was a year ago. I was so sick to my stomach, nervous,  and nauseous because I just wanted to get it over with. I only had a back pack for me and one for brooklyn to take on the plane- these were stuffed with toys, treats, games, coloring, snacks, diapers, wipes, everything. Brooklyn is such an amazing girl. She definitely steps up when I need her to be big. She did amazing and was so helpful the entire time. The flights were all full to LA.. we had a 40 min layover in Denver. The first flight was 2 hours and I just kept the girls busy the entire time and made a game out of everything. They did perfect. We got to Denver and we just went to the Family bathroom and camped out in there for a half hour. potty break, and they just walked around in there and hung out. I was worried about the next flight.. 2 hours to LA and the girls had already been on a 2 hour flight and were getting tired. Brooklyn had a pretty heavy backpack but she didn't complain once.  I was worried they were going to cry or complain. we were clear in the back which was good but they were great too. prayer is amazing i gotta tell you. not one tear from any of us.  :)
My mom, emily, and amy were there to pick us up at the airport and we headed to our hotel. I couldn't believe we were in Cali and about to go to DISNEYLAND!!!
I was worried about avrey sleeping.. she can be really hard to get to sleep.. she usually will only in her bed or in her carseat. I can never get her to fall asleep with me holding her or at someone else's house or in someone else's bed.. But she did really good the entire time. Sunday we went to Seal beach and just hung out. Then off to disneyland! Here are a million pictures of our trip. they are all messed up in order.. Oh well

i was getting fast passes for a ride when she got to see Pluto! apparently he grabbed her hand and just started walking with her down the street and then turned around and brought her back. She was so in love with all the characters that she saw.

This is the Ariel ride that we went on at least 9 times.. It was my girls absolute favorite ride and I had no idea Avrey loved Ariel so much. It was SOO cute to watch her throughout this ride. She would say, "Hi Ariel! Hi!! its dark in there, Bye Ariel, All done" she would point to the same fish every time and just start laughing.. She pointed at everything.. " "see that mommy? you see that? " 


At the beach for the first time for Avrey! She was a little worried about the sand and didn't know what to think at first but 20 seconds later she was running and squeeling.. we were really unprepared.. we didn't take towels, or change of clothes. So I took off  Avrey's pants and then she had to take her shirt off too.. she would NOT let me keep her shirt on. It was cold too!!!

She did not want the water to get her.. This is her " LET GO OF MY HAND MOM SO I CAN RUN AWAY.."  we loved collected shells and walking and playing in the sand. So fun

i went to check on them in the middle of the night. I had no idea how they would do with sharing a bed.. Clearly they were fine :) 

Jumping Jellyfish!! the first day we were there we did California Adventures and went to this section of the park. for the first few hours there was no on over there. I was really confused. No lines at al so we did everything a few times. 

Cars land and cars ride was amazing but holy cow were there a million people there or what? I had multiple people tell me to go get in line to get fast passes for this ride the second it opened up or else they would go out of fast passes for the whole day and then the line was 2 hours long.. So we got to the park and that was my job to go get the fast passes.. the line was FOREVER long and I almost decided to not do it but i'm so glad I did. It took like 30 minutes to get the fast passes and they were for later that afternoon but when we went to go on the ride the wait was 150 minutes.. are you kidding? we did the rider swap and so brooklyn got to ride twice and we only had to wait about 20 minutes. it was awesome. but no way would i wait more than an hour for that ride.. 

i was really worried that avrey wouldn't nap.. so much for that. we went back to the hotel every day for lunch and we all   took naps. it was glorious. 

Aladdin show!!! So funny!!! Loved it

No one wanted to ride tower of terror with me.. Um you cant go to disneyland and not go on this ride so I forced emily to come. It was amazing and awesome. One of my favorites :) also.. that boy sitting on the left.emily has a crush on him so if anyone knows who he is... she wants his number hahaha 

This was the second day and we got the early admission to go to disneyland so we were there at 645 to get in at 7. our plan was to go straight to fantasyland where all the kids rids are (peter pan, dumbo, tea cups) and get those done because they are the longest lines!!! We ran over there to do peter pan and it was a 40 minute wait.. we got in the part like 10 minutes after it opened.. incredible. So we did snow white and pinnochio which are freakin scary.. avrey kept saying.. " all done, dark in there, all done, all done.. she hates the dark. we did almost everything else though right at the beginning so it wasn't too bad. 

did the teacups twice.. 

i have no idea what ride this is.. but they had fun

its a small world!!! holy cow this was the longest ride.... pretty boring too but it was all decked out in the christmas stuff so it was pretty cute. 

Autotopia.. we all got drivers licenses.. brooklyn kept on saying,
'mom, do you have my license? i need my license to drive..." 

I kept asking her to look at me so i could take her picture.. her response, "NO MOM! i need to keep my eyes on the road!! " she totally thought she was in complete control the entire time. thank goodness she wasn't. 

buzz lightyear ride. avrey just wanted to play with the gun.. i dont think she even looked up once. 

awww . this is in line for the haunted mansion.. i didn't tell my kids what was about to happen. 

once we got inside brooklyn figured it out that it was going to be scary.. not a fan.. avrey was really worried the whole time and clinging on to me and kept saying, all done, dark in there.. no scare, no scare... haha once it was done.. then she started crying like she just realized what had happened lol 

after haunted mansion.. brooklyn said mom, i didn't like that ride it was scary but i'm glad i tried it... what a sweetie. 

we saw 2 parades, the pixar parade at california adventure and mickey's christmas parade at disneyland. both fantastic!!!!

I LOVED all the Christmas lights :) 

Space Mountain!! it shut down like 5 different times so i'm glad we finally got to go on it. 

Our hotel had a complimentary breakfast and this girl ate a huge powdered donut every morning. They were SO good

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These are avrey's favorite kids of rides.. this one, dumbo, and there is one in california adventure like this.. she loves the wind in her face.

we went up to go see winnie the pooh and the rides over there and we passed spash mountain.. no one wanted to go on this ride so my mom finally said she'd come with me if the line wasn't too long.. it said 10 minutes so we were off and we walked right on.. not even a 10 second wait. it was GREAT!! Then we went to go to tigger, eeyore, and winnie :) 

they waited like 30 minutes for the dumb bumper cars.. it was like 20 seconds long. waste of time.. 

it was so fun to go through his house . we were the first ones in our group to go through the door and mickey just ran up to brooklyn and gave him a huge hug.

goup photo!

my mom and I on the third day went straight to indiana jones ride and my sisters took the girls to see the princesses. I was hoping that we would be able to make it there to take pictures but we barely missed them. Brooklyn LOVED meeting them. 

This little girl was so excited to see Winnie the Pooh. I had to hold her back and once i let go she just ran up to him and gave him the cutest hug. it was so sweet. 

The last thing we did was at california adventures and we went to the challenge adventure thing.. she was just as happy going down this slide as she was going on all the rides.. 

We had so much fun at disneyland. it was too short! next time maybe we will do 4 days? Brooklyns favorite rides were Soarin over California, Cars ride, Star Tours, and Ariel ride. Avrey loved any of the flying rides and the Ariel rides.  My favorite of course is Indiana Jones and Tower of terror but there was nothing better than watching my little girls experience everything for the first time. I loved seeing faces light up and squeels of joy come out of them. I loved how excited they got over everything and it was just magical. The lines weren't too bad. We waited for a few over 40 minutes but everything was around 15 minute wait. the weather was perfect, my girls were perfect, and it was just an amazing trip.

Wednesday night I was supposed to fly out of LA with avrey to Salt lake. Well to say it was chaos would be an understatement. We arrived at the John Wayne airport or something and went to check in.. my name was not listed, After a few minutes of trying to figure it out we were told we were at the wrong airport!! We needed to go to Long Beach airport.. CRAp. we had one hour until my flight left.. it was 40 minutes away and it was the night before thanksgiving.. in LA.. the traffic was insane.. I made it there and had like 5 minutes before my flight left. it was so stressful but we made it :) Sad part was that Avrey and I were at home in bed by the time the rest of my family had gotten out of LA... the traffic was so bad and what should've been a 9 hour drive ended up being 13 hours.. they got home at 7  am the next morning..